‘Twisty, dark, and packs a punch. . . . Gripping and genuinely nail-biting’ — Sarah Pearse, New York Times bestselling author of THE SANATORIUM‘Twisty, dark, and packs a punch. . . . Gripping and genuinely nail-biting’ — Sarah Pearse, New York Times bestselling author of THE SANATORI

‘Twisty, dark, and packs a punch. . . . Gripping and genuinely nail-biting’ — Sarah Pearse, New York Times bestselling author of THE SANATORIUM

THE LONG WEEKEND is out now in the UK, US and Canada.


In this pulse-pounding thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of The Nanny, a group of women travel to the most remote place in England for a weekend escape, only to discover a startling note that one of their husbands will be killed before they return home—perfect for fans of Ruth Ware and Lucy Foley.

Three couples

Two bodies

One secret

Dark Fell Barn is a “perfectly isolated” retreat, or so says its website when Jayne books a reservation for her friends. A quiet place, far removed from the rest of the world, is exactly what they need.

The women arrive for a girls’ night ahead of their husbands. There’s ex-Army Jayne, hardened and serious, but also damaged. Ruth, the driven doctor and new mother who is battling demons of her own. Young Emily, just wed and insecure, the newest addition of this tight-knit band. Missing this year is Edie, who was the glue holding them together, until her husband died suddenly.

But what they hoped would be a relaxing break soon turns to horror. Upon arrival at Dark Fell Barn, the women find a devastating note claiming one of their husbands will be murdered. There are no phones, no cell service to check on their men. Friendships fracture as the situation spins wildly out of control. Betrayal can come in many forms.

This group has kept each other’s secrets for far too long.


Macmillan writes with verve and emotional acuity…the final meal is rich and satisfying.

New York Times

Well-crafted thriller . . . Macmillan effectively shifts perspectives in this twisty, complicated puzzle. Readers will enjoy putting together all the pieces.

Publishers Weekly

With some clever sleight of hand, Macmillan generates considerable tension.

Literary Review

Very smart ... feels creepy and ominous from the start.

Daily Mail

Skilfully plotted, clever use of misdirection topped by a neat twist or two to entertain us ... a deliciously dark premise. This is stylish and gripping from the start. Pepped up by the certain knowledge that things are about to spiral out of control. The masking of crucial clues is expertly handled and there's much fun to be had here.

NB Magazine

Twisty, dark, and packs a punch. . . . Gripping and genuinely nail-biting.

Sarah Pearse, New York Times bestselling author of THE SANATORIUM

The Long Weekend is like a chess game with multiple layers and complex characters, all leading to a shocking, explosive ending. Brilliantly plotted, with a crisp pace and constant surprises. Once again, Gilly Macmillan has exceeded my expectations.

Samantha Downing, USA Today bestselling author of MY LOVELY WIFE

Beautifully written and wonderfully atmospheric, The Long Weekend is an unputdownable rollercoaster of a ride.

B.A. Paris, New York Times bestselling author of BEHIND CLOSED DOORS

I loved everything about this book - the fascinatingly flawed characters, the dark humour, the raw-dropping twists … this is suspense at its absolute best, and I devoured every page.

Alison Gaylin, Edgar Award-winning author of THE COLLECTIVE

Absolutely loved The Long Weekend. Twisty, unpredictable, pacy and packed with brilliantly-written characters.

Tim Weaver, Sunday Times bestselling author

In The Long Weekend Gilly Macmillan skilfully weaves multiple plot strands to create a tense page turner, darkly shadowed by the bleak Northumbrian moors.

Jane Shemilt, Sunday Times bestselling author of DAUGHTER

Deliciously disturbing and terrifyingly twisted, The Long Weekend is a stunning thriller about jealousy, obsession, secrets, and trauma that threaten to destroy a tight-knit group of close friends. Gilly Macmillan has created a haunting setting that is as frightening as the horror awaiting the characters, and her brilliant pacing will keep you on edge from the first page to the last. A riveting read!

Samantha M. Bailey, USA Today and #1 national bestselling author of WOMAN ON THE EDGE

The Long Weekend is exactly the kind of book I love--a chilling, creepy, corkscrew-twisty descent of a thrill ride that left me breathlessly flipping the pages long into the night. Gilly Macmillan's writing elevates the art of creating a suspenseful character study. I'll read whatever she writes!

Wanda M. Morris, author of ALL HER LITTLE SECRETS

Lures you in until you can't escape.

Jane Corry, Sunday Times bestselling author of A GOOD DAUGHTER

Completely absorbing.

Will Dean, author of FIRST BORN

Dramatic, atmospheric and fast paced.

Woman's Weekly

Macmillan has the touch of a master puppeteer when it comes to building suspense and misdirecting her readers. Crafted with the skill of a master clockmaker.

Shots Magazine

Unbearably tense ... remoteness and despair creeping off the pages, and just when you think you have it all sussed out, Gilly Macmillan throws the story another giant curveball for you to figure out. Absorbing and unpredictable, fantastic entertainment.

Buzz Reviews